HPLC Method for Analysis of Bivalirudin and Asp9 – bivalirudin on BIST A+

Separation type: Bridge Ion Separation Technology, or BIST™ by SIELC Technologies

HPLC Method for Analysis of Bivalirudin and Asp9 - bivalirudin on BIST A+ by SIELC Technologies

Bivalirudin is a short, 21-amino-acid peptide.  It has 2 basic and 6 acidic groups. It is a naturally-occurring anticoagulant.  Asp9-bivalirudin is a process impurity and can be a result of the degradation of the drug bivalirudin.  SIELC’s new BIST™ mode can retain and separate Bivalirudin and its degredant with a TMDAP phosphate buffer, and the respective retention times can be controlled by altering the pH of the buffer.


ColumnBIST™ A+, 2.1×100 mm, 3µm, 100A
Mobile PhaseMeCN – 30%
BufferTMDAP phosphate – 10 mM  pH 5.0,  pH 6.0
Flow Rate0.2 mL/min
DetectionUV 275 nm


Class of CompoundsDrugs, Anticoagulant
Analyzing CompoundsBivalirudin and Asp9 – bivalirudin is a process impurity